Tired Nighttime Anecdotes

Hello Friends of the Panic-Mooniverse,

What's that? You have too much free time? You need yet another distraction to help get you through the grind of every day life? Your ears need another couple of friends?

Well, speaking of couples, you're in luck! Trayce and Adam are a couple and they have a brand spanking new podcast for you to cram deep into your ear orifices! They record it after their kids have gone to sleep, and they've cleverly named it Tired Nighttime Anecdotes because they are both so incredibly clever!

Coming to you from their Ikea dining room table, join married hosts Trayce Zimmerman (@TrixieCanuck) and Adam Canuck Zimmerman (@ItsAdamCanuck) as they talk about such topics as their week, their kids, school supplies, mismatched socks, terrible music, and stepping on Lego.

You know the drill about notifying friends and loved ones!

Until more things happen,

The entity known as Panic Moon Productions