Shoe-ting Announcement

Hello Friends Of The Panic-Mooniverse,

It is our pleasure to announce our next project, currently in production.

The Mischievous Shoes, written by six-year-old Dallas Zimmerman, is a short film about (you guessed it) a pair of shoes that are up to no good.

Starring Tyler Burrows, Jessica Lee, and Corey Woods, with Dallas, Jackson, and Trayce Zimmerman providing vocal talent, The Mischievous Shoes is a blend of live action film and stop motion animation.

Co-directors Dallas Zimmerman and Adam Canuck Zimmerman, DOP Mark Darling, Sound Recordist Damian Lloyd, Editor Linden Malcolm, music by The Arbitrary Jukebox Experiment.

Until a time that's not now,

The entity known as Panic Moon Productions