Ramblings From Adam Part One: Twitter Go Bye Bye


It's me, Adam. How are you? Uh huh... Uh huh... Uh huh... Okay, enough about you; this is my time.

So, a couple of weeks ago I left Twitter. It was the day after the US Election, and I felt like I could no longer be a part of a segment of culture that directly led to the results being what they were. I know, I know. That sounds like sour grapes or whatever, but honestly it felt like people saw Emperor Palpatine, watched the Original Trilogy and the Sequels, saw how he lied in order to get elected as Chancellor, saw how he used everyone and abused his position, and yet still were like "Hey, you know, he's better than that crooked Jedi Council!"

Anyhizzles, the point is that I didn't want to contribute to the degradation of our society any longer (and yes, I know that I'm Canadian, but I'm speaking as a Global Citizen in this case).

"We get it, Adam. You're not on Twitter anymore. You're such a hero!" the masses chanted, sarcastically.

"Well, I also left Instagram, so... you know... good for me?" he replied, quite meekly.

So why am I writing this? Well, for one thing I don't have anything better to do with my thumbs at the moment. And also, I'm an attention wench and I need people to know what I'm thinking all the time, which is another reason that I used to love Twitter...

Even though I didn't have the strongest base of followers, and according to that trend this may itself go completely unread, I enjoyed writing updates on whatever project I was currently working on. My thinking was that, sure, nobody cares NOW but give me a couple years (the goal posts of which were constantly being pushed farther back) and people will TOTALLY want to read all of this gold!

Example: I love the band Lake Street Dive. And I don't mean in the watered down "Oh my god, I love them!" way everyone responds about everything and everyone as a way of acknowledging that they've heard of whatever is currently being referenced (I'm also guilty of this, by the way, but not as drastically. It's more like how I say I love the IT Crowd, which I do, but I've only seen each episode once and I can't remember a lot of the specific jokes, but I do love the IT Crowd-- shut up, I do. I don't have to prove anything to you.). I love Lake Street Dive in a deep down into the depths of my soul way. There are only a handful of slots that are reserved down there, and they get one of them (alongside my kids, the Canucks, the Beatles, and my wife's potato salad).

So when I first heard of LSD (band, not drug) I immediately started looking for videos of them on the old YouTube. And there were lots. So I spent about three weeks doing nothing but absorbing everything I could, and it was glorious. So, back to me olde tweets, I was hoping that if I were to ever be the LSD (band, not drug) to someone else, they would have a backlog of 21,000 (goddam it, what I have been doing with my life?!) 140 character or less jokes/updates/complaints to sift through. Because that's what I would want if I were to find another LSD (track three on Sgt Pepper's, not drug).

Yikes. This is way too long already. The point of all of that (thank you for reading, if you are indeed still and have indeed done so) is that I'm going to try to keep a list of all of the things I would tweet, and then write them all here alongside any updates or whatever else I want to do 'cause THIS IS MY WEBSITE, GODDAMN IT.

So, real quick, I've been working on the fine cut to The Reconnaissance Of Josie Laurene. Last week Jess, Damian, and I recorded a bunch of VO for jokes and lines that didn't quite work, and for alternate jokes. Now I'm trying to find a colourist who'd like to work on the project (we're paying everyone who works on the film the exact same rate, 'cause that's only fair), and then I'll try and find someone who'd like to work on the sound post. I'll probably send it to my incredibly talented friend Matt to see if he knows anyone who will work for the rate described above.

Okay. I should go. Hey, did you hear that Rogue One tickets are going on sale tomorrow? That's the one thing that really sucks about not being on social media: I have to look all of this dumb minutiae up on my own. Although, it's remarkably easier to avoid the majority of spoilers now...

Oh, and here's a thing we shot TWO GODDAMN YEARS AGO, that I finally finished a few weeks back. 

Looooooove yoooooooou!