Ramblings From Adam Part Three: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Why, hello there. It's so pleasant to see you again- to hear from you. But wait, before you tell me more about your upcoming winter holiday, allow me a few words.

I'm kinda in a bit of a funk. Not a holiday funk, specifically, but a creative one. Did I talk about this last week...? I feel like I did... Oh well!

This time last year I was working on an outline for a couple of different feature films, and that was great! It's slow going, outlining, so it's nice to have ideas background rendering whilst mashing potatoes or running around like an idiot, searching for that one goddamn elusive last gift that, I swear to god, was on sale two days ago! Why didn't I buy it two days ago?! GODDAMN IT.

Point is that I like to know that there's a big story that I'm going to be able to jump straight into come the new year. But this year I haven't got anything yet... I mean, I've got a couple of ideas brewing, and story/character elements here and there... But nothing that I know for sure will be ready in a few weeks. So that's a bit of a bummer. The last few years it's been a Christmas gift to myself, and it would be cool to have something to work on this year. 

But also, I usually write stuff that I'm planning on making, and I've gotten to the point in my "career" that I can't really make stuff for no money anymore. You get what you pay for, and I've got an entire wallet full of IOU's that I still need to get to, and there isn't really room for more. So I can't really set my scopes on filming something. Instead, I have to write something for the future, which is a good plan if the future unfolds a certain way, but not so much if it stays in this holding pattern.

Anyway, I'm going to try to focus my creativity on something else for a week, and perhaps that'll kick start me old writing. (Plus, I'm still in post-production for Recon, which I should really keep pushing through. I've got a goal of end of February to have it wrapped, so I shouldn't stop the momentum. I'll get to it in January, right after I start working out again. Ha. Ha.) I'm going to try drawing something in oil pastel for my parents. If it works out, I'll post a picture here. Thing is, I've never drawn with oil pastel, and I'm not really the world's best artist, but I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials today, so I think I've got a decent handle on it.

Anyway, I may take next week off from writing to you, so in case I do please make sure that you have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday, and I'll see you in the New Year.


It must be exhausting being Madonna. Like, I bet she just wants to take a break from being Madonna, you know? The clothes, the accent, the being Madonna. 

Another Christmas season, another year where I can’t listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” without tearing up like Puff Daddy watching The Titanic. (I think that's a reference to Much Music's Video On Trail; if it is, kudos to the comedian for the joke and to my mind for remembering it.)

Some days there isn't enough coffee to make staying awake worth it or possible. 

Hey Spotify? It's real confusing when you play an ad for the album I'm listening to. I'm not nearly smart enough to keep up with that. Stop it. 

Watched a Lifetime Christmas movie with Trayce and played a fun game of "practical snow or digital snow?" Also, it was filmed in Vancouver, which was cool, 'cause I'm pretty sure that once I was on the final set of the of film. And also, it was snowing the ENTIRE movie, and yet there weren't piles of snow everywhere. The snow continuity was CRAP.

Debarge isn't Gloria Estefan? 

Hey, Time Play before the movie? You always suck, but now you're just more advertising. Go away.  Seriously, you guys. Why do we even need a pre-show? Let's talk to each other, or read the magazine that houses all of the spoilers. We don't need A BILLION commercials. We're already paying way too much for tickets. I mean, I could wait five months and buy the Blu Ray, with all the bonus features, for the price of two of the four tickets that we paid for. I don't want to watch A BILLION COMMERCIALS.

So... last Christmas the dude gave his heart to someone, who gave it away the very next day. Now he's gonna give it to someone special. I want to know how long it took him to track it down after Boxing Day. Like, a week? A month? Did it get returned to him? Instead of remaking the song three times a year, let's get on top of figuring this out, recording industry. 

Hey Grandma? Being run over by a reindeer doesn't prove the existence of Santa. Also, you're clearly a drunk, and you don't have anyone to corroborate your story; you can't be trusted. Last week you said your cat was plotting to steal all of your furniture, so maybe it's time to visit that clinic...?

Holy crap, I love Notting Hill. I've probably seen it ten times and it's alway gravy. And, like, the good kind of gravy. Poutine gravy. I love rom-coms so much, and Richard Curtis is my hero. (As is Nora Ephron.) If I could write one thing that people loved half as much as I love any of their films, I would be forever happy.

Okay, byeeee! Love you!!