Ramblings From Adam Part Two: Sick and Hating It

Oh, hi.

Me again. Adam, the dude from the title of this post. Was anyone else sick this last week? Man, I was knocked out harder than I think I've ever been with the flu. Like, I've never been this sick for this long or slept this much or drank this much juice. If I were in an Enid Blyton novel I'd've been prescribed "a fortnight abroad" in order to recover. 

I figured I'd turn on my computer (had to charge it first 'cause it died while I was dying) and write something. I mean, I had to do something creative. I hate saying that I'm a "creative person" 'cause I really feel like I haven't done anything to allow myself that (yet), but, having said that, I hate even more not doing creative stuff. Anything'll do. Since the beginning of August I've been slammed, in a good way, working on Recon. Writing the flick, composing, recording, editing, re-writing, all of that. And in between that I was outlining a couple of screenplays, so taking a week to be sick has felt like an eternity without being able to do something. Makes me feel useless, 'cause the thoughts that I have in my brain are the only unique thing I can offer the world. (Also, not a brag. For all anyone knows it's all terrible, so...)

I mean, my one son is going to be a better story teller than I am 'cause he's already more imaginative and sensitive, and my other son is miles smarter than I was at his age and already a better visual artist... Not that I'm comparing myself to them, but, it's like, I've only got so long before they pass me. And then I'll really be worth nothing, so I gotta get the work in now. Maybe something'll finally stick?

Speaking of finally sticking; we've been watching the SoundBreaking PBS series. A couple days ago we finished the Going Electric episode and I asked D (older son) if he wanted to go and make noise with my electric guitar. He was excited (which is good, 'cause even though he loves listening to music he hasn't really shown any interest in learning how to play it), so we went and made a buncha noise. Anyway, that led to me giving him the guitar I got when I was four, and with it he and his brother wrote this song:

Hey! Hey! Hey! / I can't get married! / 'Cause I'm only eight!

This goes on for a while, and then they start the song again but change the age to five for J.

Look, I'm just saying, I don't think I could've written something that rock'n'roll when I was that age. They're way cooler than me. Ugh. It's gonna be a battle to not live vicariously through those two ding-a-lings...

Okay, I'ma go finish listening to the Hamilton Mixtape, and then Pistol Shrimps Radio, and then I'ma sleep. But first...


Christmas lights suck. 

How's about a moratorium on new Christmas music? Although, I will say that I haven't heard as much Christmas music as early in the year this year, which is good, but in general I don't really feel up to listening to any at all. That Orange A-Hole and his Red Hatted Rebels have ruined the holiday season. 

Got Rogue One tickets, which was a goddamn medical procedure. 

Had to write this thought down before I forgot it: I had a thought early that I didn't write down and now I can't remember it 

Wes Anderson's H&M Christmas commercial is my favourite movie of the last year. 

Fuck Trudeau and Kinder Morgan

All the cool months have 31 days. 

This is actually better than Twitter 'cause I can go back and fix this shit when I fuck up/edit. 

Ugh. Sick. Ugh. Hate it. Ugh. Why?  C'mon you guys, why though? Seriously. Ugh. 

Between Match Game and his Trump impersonation, Alec Baldwin is in the running to unseat Stephen as my favourite Baldwin brother. 

Santa's Nexus Pass is an X-mass Pass

When I was a kid I would've given anything to play a game of street hockey with Tony The Tiger. 

I finally figured it out. Donald Trump got his elocution lessons from Pete Weber.

Okay, love you, byeeeeee!