Ramblings From Adam Part Four: The Pictures!

Y-y-yo y-yo yo! (What time is it?)


What is going on, friend-o's? How you doing? You doing good? I'm okay. Perhaps a smidge too much caffeine maybe perhaps?

Did y'all have a good new year? Ours was pretty okay. On New Year's Eve it started to snow, we heard an accident, went to a movie, played Ticket To Ride, and then built a fort at one in the morning. 

You see, the kids were at my mom's house and we decided that they needed at least one more surprise before they came home, hence the fort. It was real nifty. No screen time allowed, couches for napping (for the adults), a lego area, a drawing area, the entrance was accessed by crawling under the dining room table, and we lined it with Christmas lights. JEALOUS?

But the point of sending the kidniks off to mom's was so Trayce and I could go and see La La Land, which was only showing on one screen where we live. So we went to try and get into the three whatever o'clock show, but it was sold out by the time we got there. (Usually I'll buy tickets ahead of time, but we had a gift certificate and could only use it in person and shut up, you get there early!) So instead we picked up some sushi, went back home, had a four o'clock dinner and watched Kinky Boots, which is SUPER GOOD. Holy, was that a surprise. It's nice to watch films that you haven't heard about, especially when they turn out to be entertaining as shit, and double especially when Nick Frost shows up. In the movie. Not at our house. Although, I'd share my early dinner sushi with him if he did show up. Just saying.

So we're in the middle of the movie and there's a BANG outside. We see a car with it's hazards on, parked up against the curb, no big deal. Later on we find out that three of the wheels were facing east, and one was facing north. The point of this is SLOW DOWN. Slow down, everyone. Don't be in such a rush, you dingbats, especially when it's snowy and icy out. If you want to get somewhere on time, leave a little bit early.

Which is what we did for the next showing of La La Land! Which is a good thing, 'cause that theatre was PACKED. And we were definitely in the bottom ten youngest people there. By about fifty years.

First, a quick tale of an altercation, and then into what I thought about the flick. 

So we're sitting in the back and T is sitting next to a lovely little old lady, who, it seemed, was a part of a threesome made up of older two ladies being taken out by a younger lady (in her forties, or so). The old man in front of Trayce's neighbour is reclining WAY back in his seat. Like, it was either broken or he had his feet on the seat in front of him and was just flexing his old man muscles as hard as he could. 

Halfway through the movie this dude, who's left little to no room of foot space behind him, turns around and half yells "stop kicking my seat" at the lady next to us. And not, like, in a Adam's Mad At Someone For Being On Their Phone During  A Movie And Yells At Them But He's Still Polite About It 'Cause He Fears Confrontation way. This dude was a real dick about it.

Trix and I exchange a look and an eye roll, and continue on. Towards the end of the movie the lady was either getting some popcorn or twisting the bag shut, and homey turns around again to chide her! Something like "We're in a movie, be quiet!" 

Now, normally, I'm all for this, if the person is talking or being a nuisance or whatever. But this lady was just following the socially accepted operating procedure for a movie snack. About ten minutes later the movie wraps, and this dude stands up and starts berating the poor lady. "You didn't have to make a noise like a pig in the trough!" 

Really. He did this. What an asshole. I mean, just let it go, dude. Complain to your friends about it later. That's what a normal person does. But not this dickwad. He HAD to make sure that she knew he was unhappy with her. I can only imagine what would've happened if there was a child behind him.

Luckily the woman who was treating the two gentle-ladies didn't take to kindly to this and told the guy to go screw, essentially. She was nicer about it. 

I feel kinda bad 'cause I should've stepped in or whatever, but I emotionally was incapable 'cause the end of the movie WRECKED ME.

I mean, it was SO GOOD. The final sequence was amazing. I was just sobbing like an Adam at anything emotional.

It's a really interesting film. It's billed as a musical, which it is, but only half the time. I don't want to say more than that, if you haven't seen it, but if you have you'll know what I'm talking about. But holy, it was right up my alley. The opening number, the long takes, the music. ALL TOTALLY MY THING.

I've been trying to write a musical for a while. I've got the bare bones, and I'm getting close to locking down a story and characters, but it's not really my forte so it's taking a while. And it's for the stage, not the screen. But now I TOTALLY want to write a screen musical. Holy, do I. If you ever want to see me cry like an Adam show me anything with unexpected choreography and people gaily singing and dancing: Becky teaching Dante to dance in Clerks II...

The second season of The Cosby Show (separate the art from the man for a second) where they do the anniversary lip-sync for Heathcliffe's parents...

Jimmy Fallon's (separate the art from the man for a second) opening number to the Emmys...

Like, I legit got emotional just now watching all of these. Like, sobbing. 

Anyway, point is I love this stuff. Also, I now need to go and wash my face which is a snotty, tear stained mess.


I would easily watch a three hour supercut of Julia Roberts smiling at stuff that's juuuuuuuuust off screen. 

The greatest thing about living in BC is that we initiate programs exactly three weeks before Ontario cancels the same programs because THEY DON'T WORK. They don't work, so we're like, "Hey, let's try it out. Might work if we try it, even though there's tonnes of empirical evidence stating the opposite."

I would be a great philosopher, barring the fact that I can't even get my family to listen to me, and they mostly HAVE to. 

Argh. I was exporting a Motion 5 project for the new Panic Moon titles, a process that takes about 12 hours 'cause everything is slow and there's about 300 layers... and I accidentally pulled the power out of the hard drive, three hours in. Sigh.  New render starting at 15:14... 

The CW show Riverdale looks like slash fic for Archie comics. 

So I just hurt my right hip because I was looking left while turning in my car and I coughed at the same time. So, where’s that pasture?

What the heck did I miss in Rogue One? I mean, I liked it just fine. And there was lots of cool. But... I mean. What did I miss? 

I love that Trump gets to bail on all of the stuff that he's doing illegally (running a university, running a charity) and gets to say that he's doing it for the good of America, to make sure there's no conflict of interest. That's like a bank robber being made president of the banks and saying that he's gonna stop robbing the banks so there's no conflict of interest, even though he's clearly just gonna steal even more 'cause he HAS THE KEYS TO ALL THE VAULTS NOW. And he's making the guards Neo Nazis.  

I wouldn't be surprised if Nickelback plays the inauguration. I'd be surprised if they didn't. 

Could someone edit out the storm troopers so K2 is hitting Trump with Nigel Farage?

It sucks that people die. But you guys, you don't need to make a celebrity's death all about you. You don't need to be the first to "report" it and you don't need to compete with your fellow mourners about how badly you'll miss the person or how much you cried. Like, if your aunt died would you immediately start competing with your relatives about who's gonna miss her more? I mean, I guess some people might, but healthy people would not. Speaking of which, I've got some news about someone you know that may be a little distressing to hear...

The best part of Fuller House is how all of the jokes were written right after Full House ended its run. I mean, I've still watched all of them... but it's kinda painful. I'll also watch the third season. But only for Jimmy and Fernando. 

In the trailers for Patriots Day the lawyer lady says "You ain't got shit." In the trailer. The Green Band trailer. Is this a thing now? Are standards completely gone? What happened to class? I'm not saying that I have it, but I'm not cutting together trailers that show in movie theatres, either.

How does Vin Diesel speak that way? Doesn't it hurt his voice? It hurts mine when I try it, and we're pretty much the same person...

Does anyone else whisper their text messages out loud as they type? Is that a screenwriter-y thing to do? Or an old person thing to do? Am I old now?

Okay, gotta go, love you, byeeeee!