Ramblings From Adam Part Five: Make (North) America Great Again! (I hate myself a little for this title...)


I apologize for the title. I've gotta start with that. I mean, I'm hopefully going to be making a point at sometime, but still... Yuck. Also, according to my own statement (found below) I have to choke on a rabid squirrel, I guess.

So... how are you? I'm okay. We're still working on Recon; I'm trying to find someone to help with colour grading, because I REALLY don't want to do it myself. I'm okay at it, but I hate doing it. It's probably the one thing that I'm not a fan of in regards to film post production. Also, I do it with the track pad of my laptop instead of with a control panel and multiple screens... 

But my buddy Matt is going to do the sound post, which is a relief 'cause that's another thing that I didn't want to have to do myself. Also Matty is AMAZING so, you know... better him than me for a plethora of reasons (including, but not limited to, the two I just mentioned.)

OKAY. On to politics. Because if I don't write this now I may never get to and then that would be robbing the future radioactive zombies of complete minutes of reading entertainment. 

Now for the sake of this I'm going to be including Canada in this discussion about America. (Yes, I know I'm not American and I know that it's none of my business, except that it totally is because it all affects me and every other person in the world.) 

I'm including Canada because not only are we geographically snuggled together, we share a lot of the same attitudes and opinions (and TV shows and celebrities).

So let's discuss MAGA. (I don't even like writing it like that, but it'll have to do. I'll throw up later.)

Donald Jeep  wants to revert the States to a better time. A magical time. A time when people were happy, and comfortable, and not afraid of the potential dangers that their neighbour could be hiding. This isn't a bad thing.

It would be loverly to send the kids outside to play, knowing that they're completely safe. It would be loverly to smile and wave to our neighbours and have the sentiment returned each time without fail. It would be loverly to have job security and know that the future generations are going to be happy and healthy.

But putting the blame on other people isn't going to get that.

Banning people from the country isn't going to do that.

Picking fights isn't going to do that.

Being a bully isn't going to do that.

Look. Imagine we're trying to get to Main Street Disneyland. That's the goal, okay? But as society, not as people of vacation. The other day we watched this:

You can watch the entire thing, if you'd like. But make sure to pay attention to 45:25. Or skip ahead to there. Or skip it entirely. I'm not your boss, do what you want. 

In the clip Santa is throwing toys to kids during a parade. One lands at the feet of a child, who calmly reaches down and picks it up.

Now, try to imagine if that had happened at a parade tomorrow, in the middle of a mall in your town. Same result? Or a parent pushing a kid out of the way? Two kids fighting over it? A janitor scooping it up and selling it on the black market?

Look, my point is this: If we want to MAGA (which we should, but not for the same reasons as DJ) we need to do one thing, and one thing only.


Seriously. Knock it off. We don't need to be the centre of attention all the time. We don't need to be constantly entertained. We don't need to drive like we're in a video game. This list could go on for hours, so I'ma stop there. But you get the point. 

What's changed in the fifty one years since that parade was filmed? We have. All of us. Youtube. Facebook. Twitter. iPhones. This website. We all think that we're the fucking centre of the universe and everyone else can go screw.

We are not polite, as a society.

We are not considerate, as a society.

We are not that nice, as a society.

And it starts right at the top with a bully in the White House and a narcissist facing Parliament Hill. 

You guys. Change isn't going to happen right away. And it's not going to come from belittling anyone else, be it your neighbour, your classmate, a religion, a country, a gender. WE have to take responsibility. WE have to change. It's OUR FAULT. Our greedy, selfish, conceited fault. 

We need to actually become global citizens. Not get rid of borders. I like being a Canadian. But I want to be a Canadian who is viewed as no different from a South American or the South Korean or South African, because we are all goddamn people, people. All of us. Are. The same. 

I mean, these guys get it and they're made out of felt and googly eyes.


Seriously. If you never watch a single thing that I've written, if you never listen to a single episode of a single podcast that I've been on, if you never listen to a note of music that I've composed, please listen to this: WE NEED TO CHANGE. WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE RUNNING DOWNHILL WITH OUR FACES INCHES AWAY FROM A SCREEN.


That's all on that. Probably ever. I hate politics. But this isn't really politics, is it?


Very serious question! Did Kelly Kapowski change her name when she married Zack? Asking for a friend.

This one is directly to Rachel Bloom: stop ruining boobs for me!

I really dig The Match Game. But contestants, you gotsa chill a little bit. All you said was a word. You didn't throw the winning pass at a sportsing match. 

I hear a lot of writers complain that they don't like writing, they like having written. I don't have that problem; I love writing, crave it. (Maybe that means I'm not doing it right, I dunno.) However, the thing I'm working in right now is a real slog, and I'll say this about it: I hate it. 

I’m working on a rewrite and I just found a typo that’s so egregious that I can’t even begin to figure out what it’s supposed to say. 

If you publicly post "Make ____ ______ again" I hope you choke on a rabid squirrel. 

I hate, I goddamn hate, when people use "lol" as punctuation when they write. There's nearly nothing else, other than straight up belittlement, to make you feel right shitty.

Paul Fucking Giamatti is in My Best Friend's Wedding?! What even is life??

Does anybody know why I answer out loud while watching Jeopardy, even when I'm alone?

Over the decades movies have historically help a mirror up to society and really educated people to the fact that nobody likes waking up in the morning. 

Sometimes it's nearly impossible to even fake matching my kid's excitement for a TV show or Lego set. But I still do it. Because I'm a hero. 

Figure skating stresses me OUT. 

Turning on the TV in the middle of a football (soccer) match right when a goal is scored is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Except WAY shittier. 

Watching 48 Hours. Is Walter Hill known to give the direction "just yell like you've never been angrier"?

Riverdale is stupid. And the next episode isn't on until tomorrow, which FUCKING SUCKS.

Okay, y'all. That's it for me. Have a good night's sleep, whenever it is indeed night and also bedtime for you.

Love you! Byeeeee!