We're Almost There, Baybee! (Also, #ReconOJosieL)

Hello Friends of the Panic-Mooniverse,

(This is being written in advance, so please forgive the murkiness of our otherwise crystal clear clairvoyance.)

There's a few more days to go on our campaign for The Reconnaissance of Josie Laurene. You guys have been amazing, helping us spread the word and reach (as of this writing) 93% of our goal! 

Seriously. We couldn't've done it without you.

So here's the thing. We don't know if we're going to stay at 93%, or if we're going to make it to 100. (The latter would be a pleasant surprise.) But here's a definite promise. 

We will always be your friend.

Now here's a promise of something more tactile!

If we're lucky enough to get fully funded, we will post and share a video (commissioned by our brilliant and beautiful producer Trayce), that not only proves that Carlton Banks is some sort of android, but that Star Wars can mash up beautifully with nearly anything!

It's under a minute, and it's well worth it. Trust us. We're still chortling.

Hoping to make you chortle soon as well also,

The Entity Known as Panic Moon