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Hello Friends of the Panic-Mooniverse,

Waaaaaaay back in August 2016 we of Panic Moon Productions spent a weekend filming the majority of a feature film, "The Reconnaissance of Josie Laurene."

Now, in April 2017, we're close to finishing post-production and preparing to submit the film to festivals around the world! This is where we can use your help.

If you would be so kind, please check out our IndieGoGo campaign page; if you can donate, then that's fantastic! But equally as important is if you can help spread the word about us. If you use the IndieGoGo share links, we can keep track of who's helping us out (which may be a part of a contest in a few weeks...).

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and remember to tell your friends about us!

Thank you in advance for helping us have a successful crowdfunding campaign!


The Entity known as Panic Moon Productions