Thanks Y'all!

Hello, Friends of the Panic-Mooniverse,

What a month April was! Thanks to all of you, and your support for The Reconnaissance of Josie Laurene, we were able to complete a successful crowd-funding campaign!

You guys all rock, but we'd like to take a moment to shout out some of our supporters and collaborators who went above and beyond! Prepare for a paragraph of names in no particular order!

Thanks to Andrew Burfitt! Stephen Schick! Jim Peskin! Rob MacLennan! Reza Ahktar! Faith Numada! Mal Yondel! Albus Dumbledore! Melanie Hill! Danyal Mia! Lynne Loveday! JoJo Pratt! Damian Lloyd! Jessica Lee! Sean Manuel! Matt Smalley! Olly Bian! David Julé! Stephen Bohus! Joanna Gaskell! Benjamin Platten! Roury Switzer! Mark Darling! Marcelo Guerra! Desiree Lydia! Maja Milkovich! Corey Woods! Tyler Burrows! Alison Magill! If we forgot someone, it's because after a month of pushing the campaign most of us can barely remember all of the Monty Python movies, let alone the proper technique for polishing an ostrich! 

You guys, thanks again for everything you did to make this a successful April. We hope to have lots of film festival news for you over the next few months!

We're In Demand now on IndieGoGo, so you can continue to tell your friends and family and they can keep getting the offered perks! Fun!

Until some other time that's not this time,

The Entity known as Panic Moon Productions